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Marius Ambayrac

Engineering Manager
France - Aix en Provence

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Marius works as an Engineering Manager, teaching Clean Architecture and DDD in a Tech Powered Scale Up in the South of France.
Previously he tackled various roles, from helping the French Head of Nuclear Division with Elastic Search to leveraging Cybersecurity Assets in due diligences process to raise funds.
Marius graduated from one of France's best Grande Ecole in Cybersecurity & Management, focusing on teaching and spreading software craftmanship knowledge. In his free time, he is a profound sports addicts, practicing Surf and Capoeira !

Come see my Talk ! https://emamo.com/event/developerweek-2023/s/pro-talk-from-event-driven-service-based-monolith-to-ddd-cqrs-o2v0go